Rave Water Trampoline

Rave Water Trampoline

Rave water trampoline

Rave Water Trampolines are the best in the business and whether you live on the lake, it is at your cabin, you are just camping this a a great way to tire your kids and your adult friends. Everyone has a great time on a water trampoline and Rave Trampoline not only makes one kind either. There are so many different options to choose from and the Rave sports trampolines are unlike anything you have ever seen before. They are very technical with advanced features and functions that you won’t even believe. You can get just a trampoline or you can one’s with slides, obstacle courses, launch pads and more!! I will go over reviews of the best and some to stay away from.

***Remember to always wear a lifejacket in the water and safety first, if you have any joint or back problems consult your doctor before using the equipment.***

What to Look for in a Water Trampoline?

  • Size - You need to think about the size first.  How many people will be using it and how much space you have.  If you only have a small beach lot or if you have a pontoon boat and want to blow it up on day to day occasion I would go with a small trampoline.  If it will be sitting there outside the house, go BIG!
  • Warranty - Most water trampolines will have a great warranty because they are made of high quality material and need to withstand the environment of sun and lots of water.  If they do not have a good warranty, go to the next.
  • Inflatable system - Make sure there is a good system to blow the water trampoline up because there is no way you will be able blow one of these babies up with your lunges....
  • Ladder - You want to make sure the water trampoline has a good ladder so it is easy to get up back on the trampoline.
  • Material - Make sure the material is a heavy grade industrial material

Rave Trampoline Reviews

Rave Trampoline

Starting with the basics to make things easier. A trampoline is something you bounce on and have a great time with. The Rave Sports Bongo Water Bouncer comes in 2 sizes in the diameter of 10 feet and 13 feet.

This makes it ideal for all situations, if it is something you are going to be bringing from point A to B or for behind your pontoon when you are lounging it is a great idea for the 10 foot Water Trampoline. If you are going to be leaving it up all summer long and have some space for the extra few dollars, go for the extra feet, it makes a great space for lounging in the sun and hanging out along with bouncing to tire the kids out so they head to bed early and you can enjoy a quiet evening.

It has a distinguishable blue and yellow color so you will be able to see it from miles away especially if your house is tucked in the bushes and sometimes hard to see if you are coming from across the lake or river.

The 10’ Water trampoline once it is fully blown up it weighs 67 pounds but when it is not blow up it stores to a manageable size and only weighs 37 pounds so one person can move it easily without hassle. That is why it is great for travel and camping.

The 13’ is a little heavier at around 65 pounds so you could move it around but it would be much more difficult but the extra size makes it great for more people.

The 10’ can accommodate 4 people comfortably and the 13’ is for 6 but of course depending on the size and height of everyone you can always get more on but of course remembering safety first!

You get a 3 step ladder for getting on and off making it simple and not as tiring as most. You get an anchor harness but the anchor is sold separately. You can get a cinder block to tie it up or get a sand/anchor bag to make sure it stays put in storms. Always give a bit of extra slack for room when waves push through different areas. They are both easily accessible to inflate and deflate with a shop vac or industrial blower. If you don’t have either a pump that hooks up to a battery, may take a bit longer but if you are in the sun don’t even worry about it!

Lifetime Warranty so you never need to worry!!  IT also has an attachment for aqua slide or aqua log.

Rave Aqua Launch Attachment 

In coordination with the Rave Trampoline you can get the launch pad for even more fun and excitement.  Easily attachable to the trampoline and also has a lifetime warranty with a size of 138" long, 54" wide and 36" in height. 

You put one person at the end of the launch pad and as it says you start on the trampoline, jump as high as you can onto the end closest to the trampoline and watch the other person fly into the air and splash into the water for unlimited amounts of fun!!!​

Rave Sports Aqua Slide

The Aqua Slide is great for everyone and has a size of 36” high x 36” wide and 132” long. Great for sliding down any way you want. One at a time of course but throw a little more water and have races and all sorts of fun when you get going!!

There is a Lifetime Warranty and is made of 1,000 Denier that is reinforced with PVC tubing for extra support and durability.

It attaches easily to the Rave Water Trampoline and is a great add on for summer fun.

Rave Slide walk Water Trampoline

Another great add on to the water trampoline to create a full amusement park in the water. The slide walk works as a slide and an obstacle run out piece of equipment. You can run and see how far you get and can lounge and have fun with it!

It is 240” so it is a long ways out there of 20 feet to get to the end. It is 18” tall so if you fall it won’t hurt and a width of 36”. It has 22 oz reinforced boat grate PVC so it is sturdy and solid and won’t pop on you as you are running up and down. UV treated so it will NOT fade and you will be laughing and having fun for years to come!

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for fun, you have come to the right place and you and your kids will have fun for hours and house on these pieces of equipment.  ​

Best Boat Grill

Best Boat Grill

Once you have your boat and you have it in good running condition and possibly your LED lights set up and wicked sound system it is time to eat! Of course you need a grill and the best part is that you can get one that can fit on any boat not just pontoon boats. You can get boat and pontoon grills, boat and pontoon grill mounts, gas grills and even ones that are portable so you can bring it on and off the boat which is great for camping!

Best Boat grill

There are of course a few things you need to consider before buying your boat grill. First thing I always consider is size. If you have a small boat and a big grill, it will not work. Get a grill proportional to the size of your boat. Fuel source, whether you want gas, propane or compressed natural gas or by charcoal which can be messy but also has its benefits. There are electric BBQ’s and you can use a hose or a canister from a full propane tank. Of course a big topic is how to mount the BBQ if you want something permanently fixed on your boat which most people do.


Price Match Up

User Rating

About the Product

Buy ME!

Or at least check them on Amazon. Just click buy now! (you won't have to buy them)


Cuisinart Petite Gourmet table top grill.  145 square inch  5,500 BTU's.  Weighs 13.5 pounds with adjustable legs great for any boat!


Springfield Deluxe Propane Grill.  12,000 BTU's and 130 square inches of grilling space.  Attaches easily to your boat and works great!


Magma Charcoal grill comes in 13" and 15" size offering 133 and 177 square inches of grilling power.  Easy to attach and ready for boating.

Column 2

​Smoke Hollow 205 stainless steel tabletop gas propane grill.  Easy to move around, 304 square feet and 12,000 BTU's.  Stand sold separately.  


Coleman Road trip propane grill.  Take note, even though it is portable, may be good for the pontoon but maybe not a speed boat.  Make sure it is supported so it won't roll away.

Column 2

Coleman Fold and Go instastart Grill.  Single burner and 6,000 BTU with compact design with large cooking surface, 105 sq. in. Can sit anywhere just make sure you have a sold space and not on the seats.


Profile 150 propane pontoon BBQ. 150 square inches of cooking power. attaches great to your boat or RV.

Column 2

Column 3

Column 2

Column 3


Magma Kettle Grill Mount.  Fish rod holder makes it easy to attach any grill.  Up to 1.5" inside diameter.  18/8 stainless steel so it will not rust!  

Size of your boat/pontoon Grill

When looking at the size of your grill of course you are thinking bigger is better. It is because you can cook up a storm in no hurry at all. Wrong. If you get a giant grill it can cause even more issues because it will take up way too much space and if you think about it, there is no need to rush anything because you are ON A BOAT! There is nowhere to be, I am sure you will have other snacks in the meantime if someone is really hungry. You can be grilling all day if you want and have a smorgasbord of delicious eats all day long.

When looking at the size you want to make sure you have at least 3” of space in between the grill and any objects on your boat to make sure your boat stays clean and new.

BTU - You always see BTU in relation to BBQ and then are British Thermal Units meaning it is the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree fahrenheit. Normally the smallest amount of BTU’s you will find is about 5,500 and the highest you will get for your BBQ will be 22,000 and that is a big grill just for a reference point.

Fuel Source

Now you need to think about about you want to power your BBQ?

Gas - propane or natural gas is the best way to go on the boat. It is the cleanest and easiest way. On the water there is so much happening with friends, family, waves, water and so much more. With propane you are quite safe in no issues with ash or charcoal spilling onto the boat or in the water. They are also quick to get going and they evenly distribute heat.

The downside with the gas grills is that there are more to them and can cost a bit more but when you think about a couple hundred dollars on your boat more for a grill is still cheaper than going out and feeding everyone pizza from the doc or a meal out on the town afterwards.

Charcoal - First of all they are much cheaper because when you actually look at the grill it is normally just a stainless steel pot and you need to feed it charcoal. For the true chef this is a great option and again you are on a boat so time really does not matter. Get the coals going and you will be eating a tasty, flavor dish in no time at all!

The downside is that it does take a little more time to get going especially when the kids are hungry. It can be messy when cleaning up and there is a chance you can get ash or charcoal on your seats and you will have to clean them.

There are positives and negatives to both but just think which will be more effective for yourself.


Now because you are on a boat and you are around water you still need to think safety first not only for yourself and friends but also your boat. A few things to consider when grilling on your boat.

  • Spray Bottle - Make sure you have a spray bottle of some kind when you are grilling just in case there is a flare up or you need to quickly put something out.
  • Space between the grill and your boat - Make sure you have a good 3"-5" away from your boat just in case grease or anything else splashes off the grill to keep your boat clean.
  • Open Lid to start it - If you don't open your lid, you will create a inferno of gas when you actually light the grill and can be very dangerous.
  • Non-stick BBQ mat - This can be a great way to reduce the chances of extra flare ups when grilling and makes it easy to clean and get back to enjoying the fun in the sun.

Overall Thoughts

Having a Boat grill is pretty fantastic.  Make sure you follow the right safety measures and that it will attach to your boat with the proper attachments.  All the grills we recommend will go great with your boat and you will be enjoying the sun, water and hot dog in no time at all! 

Pontoon Boat Accessories

Pontoon Boat Accessories

Pontoon Boat Accessories

I will tell you right now the ski is the limits. Boat life is wonderful and it gets better when you have all of the pontoon boat accessories to deck your boat out. I will go over some of the do’s and don’ts of boat accessories. I will talk about Pontoon Boat LED lights, tow bar, ski bar fun boat accessories, BBQ for the boat and lots more goodies.

When it comes to boating you can really never have too many toys, the only issue is running out of space. You can get so many different toys that makes boating even more fun if you thought that was possible. Having a pontoon boat is great especially with family and friends. It offers a lot more freedom and space than speedboats or jet skis. Having the extra room you can lounge out comfortably, have kids playing in the water (with life jackets of course), tubes lying in the water all while the BBQ is on high and the hot dogs are cooking for everyone. There really is no better thought than warm sun, water and food!!!


Price Match Up

User Rating

About the Product

Buy ME!

Or at least check them on Amazon. Just click buy now! (you won't have to buy them)


Wen Top LED strip lights.  16.4 ft  (5 m) includes 300 LED's.  Easy to cut up to 3 LED's without breaking the line.  Needs 12 V power source and is water proof and can fit anywhere on the boat to spice it up.


Super Light High Density water proof LED lights.  600 LED lights that are easy to attach and come in green, blue, red, yellow and much more color options.     


FLFLK LED strip lights with 2 x 600 lights.  Comes with a remote control and easy to install.  You can be listening to music and have changing lights all night long.  Great feature for your boat.  Not just for Pontoon Boats.


LEDMO remote and controller for 12 v tape light.  Works great and easy to install with most tape LED lights.


Qicai LED Remote flickering waterproof lights meant for the water.  With remote.  Attach to the side, back, above and never worry.  Swimming at night was never so easy.


Syourself quick dry micro fiber towels.  These towels are ideal for the boat because you only need half the amount to dry everyone and they are small and simple with lots of colors.


Joto Waterproof phone case up to 100 feet.  Need I really say more?  This will keep your phone dry and working!


Adventure Lion Dry bag.  Available in 5, 10, 20, and 40L bags with lots of colors and options to choose from.  Keeps your life dry when you want to stay wet!


Kwik Tek Bungee Line.  Maybe not as fun but great for tying up to the doc or other boats.  Comes in a variety of sizes.


Paws aboard doggy boat ramp.  If your dog loves the water and he's out there with you, you know how scratched up you get when you try and put him in the boat.  No more worry anymore.  The dog swims to the ramp and walks back in!

Pontoon Boat LED Lights

LED lights are a great way to make your boat fun and exciting. You may start to think that what is the point of lights if you are normally going to be boating during the day… I thought that as well but once you are out on the water and it only cools down to 80 degrees and is still beautiful and warm you want a nice ambience. LED lights are waterproof (make sure they are) and a lot of them are so easy to adjust. These are a great Pontoon Boat Accessory and not only with strip lights, ones that you can run on along any piece of your boat to light up the night while you are cooking on your grill and having a beer responsibly.

Pontoon Lights

This is a little different than LED lights because usually most LED lights mentioned above will come in strips so you can attach it to certain areas and light up the floor line, on the aluminum of the pontoons so you can be spotted everywhere. With just lights they are more designed as spot lights or lamps. These ones mentioned can be fully submerged and can stick anywhere. We have them on the back of our boat and they are great for swimming at night, they light up the entire stern of the boat. Most have remote controls so they are easy on and off that take batteries. You can light up pretty much anywhere you want with these lights and they make for a great atmosphere.

Not only are they good for the boat but you can use them anywhere, including the house, patio, pool, and just to play around with anywhere!

Cool Boat Accessories

This topic can be endless but there are so many cool toys they have come out with from adjustable umbrellas to waterproofing anything and lots of games! I will go over a few of my favorite items that are on my boat and make it great for everyone!

The Sport-Brella

Yes it is an umbrella but it attaches to your boat so easy and for people who want sun, enjoy with some reef safe sunscreen of course and the others can get shade without worrying. This umbrella has a 360 degree swivel and 2 push button hinges. It attaches to square and tubular points so it really can be attached to anything on the boat and anywhere.

The Versa-Brella is UPF 50+ and skin safe for up to 99.5% so you get to enjoy the outdoors but being protected like you are indoors.

It only weighs 1.8 pounds sand is small so you can store it easily and set it up simply when your are ready to stop and start that BBQ up!

Magnetic Boat Mount

The boat mount is universal to any phone, tablet or GPS so it is great for your tools when you are driving the boat. Normally if you have music and not a fancier, newer boat that is all voice control or have it built into the system, this makes life so much easier. You can mount it right by the wheel or even on the glove box side and have quick access to everything. It takes 1 second to install and safe and easy for your phone and boat.

The mount makes it so you can do everything without fumbling around in the glove box or from falling off the dash of your boat when you hit a wave.

Dometic Portable Freezer

It is about time you can keep food and drinks real cold on your boat without hundreds of pounds of ice. With lots of options for sizes including: 26L, 35L, 38L, 46L, 61L, and 94.5L so whether you have a massive pontoon boat, ski boat, surf boat or cruiser you can get the right size that will fit all your needs. It can hold up to 31 12 oz cans, pop cans of course.

Easy to plug in and use while in runs on 120 Volt AC, 12 volt DC or 24 volt DC adapters. You can set the temperature between -8 and +50 to keep all of your meats, drinks and whatever else you need to keep cold on here! This really makes boating easy and simple especially for those hot days and the ice just won’t keep your products cool! Easy to adjust controls and light enough that anyone could move it around, empty of course.

Hydro Flask

This is not just an average water bottle, trust me. It can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours! This is not joke, regardless of how hot it is on the water you drink will stay cool. It has a premium grade 18/8 stainless steel, BPA free material that will also keep items hot for up to 6 hours but I highly doubt you will be wanting anything warm on the boat but you never know for when you are on the water at night!

This water bottle is ideal for spirit drinks and wine believe it or not! Nobody wants warm white wine, or really hot red wine on the water with your steak or hot dogs…

Not only does this bottle come in a wide variety of colors it comes in lots of different sizes including: 12, 18, 20, 24 ounces. Great for anyone with any size of drink that will last all day (cool or warm that is, not the actual drink. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, you are wrong because there is a lifetime warranty!!

Pontoon Tow and Ski Bar

Having a Pontoon boat is great for everything, you can relax, BBQ, have a couple beverages, listen to music and so much more but it can be difficult if you have kids and have a tube! It will be tough to tow the kits with nothing to attach it to. Now you can with an adjustable mount for behind your pontoon boat.

Whether you are tubing, skiing, wakeboard (obviously a little tougher behind a pontoon boat) you can get towing power up to 20 HP and this stainless steel tow bar with mounting clips attach directly to your outboard motor bracket. This makes tubing and the other activities awesome to have the kids on the back and the parents in the front enjoying themselves with just the purr of the motor.

Fun Boat Accessories and Stuff

Of course I have shown you all the necessities that you must deck your pontoon boat out with but now for some really fun tows that are great to use in the water on the boat and anywhere else!

Wow Inflatable Picnic Table

This is actually the coolest inflatable I have ever seen. It is great for 2 to 4 people. You straddle a log shape and then there are a picnic table in the middle with cupholders and a cooler. You can attach this to the boat so it won’t float away and great for the beach, pool beside the boat and so much more even the lawn when you are on the ground.

On those hot, hot days you can play cards, talk, play around and have a great time. There really isn’t anything you cannot do on this item. It is my favorite item that we offer on this website.


Perfect for any boating adventure and great for that pontoon boat. The Versa Hoop hooks easily onto any surface as it comes with hooks as well. You can attach and start playing some hoops in a cool relaxed environment. You could even be sitting on the WOW inflatable Picnic table playing basketball, floating in life jackets or setting it in the pontoon boat.

The 11” vinyl coated hooks make it easy and fun. You can store it easily as it comes apart to small pieces you can store under your seated or against the wall of the boat.

Great for camping and even on land or the pool. Have a great time playing all day and night long!

Overall Thoughts

There are so many different toys and products you can use to deck your pontoon boat up with accessories that will leave people in awe when they see your boat.  All of them are relatively cheap and easy to assemble and access so there is not a bad purchase you can make! Have fun and enjoy the water!

Best Boat Loans

Best Boat Loans

Boats are not cheap. That is where the best boat loans can come in handy. Let’s start there and I would like to say you cannot put a price on fun but you most certainly can I can honestly tell you right now, boating is the most fun you are going to have. From lounging with your friends on a hot summer day to wakesurfing and wakeboarding and those early morning waterskis, you actually cannot beat it. And those are just a few of the options that you can do with a boat. Taking your friends and family out, you will be the most popular person around. The envy of your friends for sure.

Best Boat Loan

The reality is as mentioned above, boats are not cheap but having the best boat loan will definitely make life easier. There are lots of options to choose from with USAA boat loans, Essex boat loans, Bank of America boat loans and much more.

The purpose of this article is to weed out the risky or bad boat loan options. I want to be able to direct you to the proper boat loan options best suited for you and even your family.

As I said boats are not a cheap venture but they are a lot of fun so it is well worth it. I spend 6 out of 7 days a week on my boat and the other day I am usually on my friends ski boat for about 6 months out of the year. It is my livelihood in the summer and I really don’t know what I would do without one. It gives you the freedom to enjoy the wind in your hair (whether it be salty or fresh) and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the real world. It is great for entertaining clients and can even be a partial tax right off if you are self employed. Little perks that you can look into later come tax season. Remember they better be real clients though.

USAA Boat Loan Rates

At the top of our list USAA boat loans come in #1 in financing and customer satisfaction. They offer 100% financing and refinancing for loans up to $100,000. Up to 80% financing and refinancing for loans greater than $100,000. If you are looking to finance a Personal Watercraft you can use a leisure vehicle loan.

Just go to


And then follow the process of:

  1. Complete the application

  2. Receive a loan decision

  3. Call 1-800-531-USAA (8722)

It is as easy as that!

So remember rates are subject to change but here is a rough outline on prices and APR’s (Annual Percentage Rates) are effective as of today. The rates are based on loan amount and will not take into account financed optional protection products or lien fees.

Loan Term

Less than 10,000

10,000 to 34,999

35,000 to 99,999

48 months




60 months




72 months




84 months

Not Available



120 months

Not Available



180 months

Not Available

Not Available


Any boat for $100,000 and over, you know you get a phenomenal boat but you will have to call for rates.  

*****The rates I am giving are for excellent credit profiles and Good, Fair and Needs Improvement among credit ratings will differ so these will be the lowest rates if you have excellent credit.****

On Good Credit Ratings, rates will start from 6.19%

On Fair Credit Ratings, rates will start from 8.45%​

On Needs Improvement rates will start from 12.69%

Bank of America Boat Loans

Bank of America also has competitive rates for boat loans and the reason I am giving different options is because depending on who your normal bank is you may be able to get different or even better rates if you already bank with them or have different loans.

Bank of America Boat Loans also range in varying APR that are just as easy to apply and get approved instantly. Loan Rates start at:




60 months

5000 to 9,999


72 months

10,000 to 14,999


144 months 

15,000 to 24,999


180 months

25,000 to 49,999


180 months

50,000 to 74,999


Cell 6 / 1

75,000 +

Call for details

These are the lowest rates among excellent credit scores.  For further inquiries


 Call toll Free at 

1.888.550.6433 (U.S.) 1.401.865.7948 (International)

Essex Boat Loans

With Essex Boat Loans there are more options available without calling so you have an idea and bigger range of APR percentages.  Remember rates can change but this will give you a good idea of what ranges there are.  It is always best to call to speak to someone or you can apply online to get specific rates.

There is a minimum amount or $10,000 in for all pleasure crafts and boats.

Loan Amount48 - 6061 - 8485 - 120121 - 144145 - 180181 - 204205 - 210211 - 240241 - 360
$10,000 - $14,99910.05%10.30%10.55%10.79%
$15,000 - $24,9995.54%5.79%6.04%6.29%
$25,000 - $49,9994.19%4.29%4.59%4.89%5.19%
$50,000 - $74,9994.09%4.19%4.29%4.49%4.59%4.69%4.69%4.79%
$75,000 - $99,9994.09%4.19%4.29%4.49%4.59%4.69%4.69%4.79%
$100,000 - $149,9994.09%4.19%4.29%4.49%4.59%4.69%4.69%4.79%

***These rates are for boats that are 2006 and newer.  From 1996 to 2005 add .25% more.  For 1995 and older add .75% more.  The maximum loan is for 20 years and for 2013 or newer with $50,000 or more for the boat.***

There are lots of options to choose from and I would recommend looking at each competitor and find out the best rates.  

How to Clean Boat Carpet

How to Clean Boat Carpet

Alright, so as much as you try to keep your boat clean, it is going to get dirty and messy. There is no avoiding it. Some boats that are newer actually have carpets that you can take out and clean while if don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new boat I have a few options that can help.

how to clean boat carpet

First of all you want to make sure that your boat will stay clean and if it gets dirty make sure you clean it as soon as you can or else it builds up and then you can get mold, or even worse if you have food lying around you can get other critters and insects I would rather not talk about.

Even if you have a dust buster that you use regularly with the constant traffic of people coming on and off your boat dirt, grime, algae and whatever else will get on your boat! Myself personally I try to give my boat a thorough cleaning at least 3 times a year throughout the summer. I mean by taking it out of the water and back to my house where I can spend a few hours and make it look good as new. Clean any junk that is left around and it does make it easier at the end of the year when I do a top to bottom clean.

Where to start cleaning your boat

When it comes to clean, I am a bit of a neat freak and my friends know, but they don’t have a boat so they don’t have a say in the matter.

  1. I recommend if you can to park the boat on a tiny slope with the drain plug pointing down the hill so everything drains out with the plug after you are finished. Put blocks on the wheels so it doesn’t roll down the hill either! Remove the drain plug to.

  2. Then start by bringing everything out of the boat. Yes I mean everything. Life Jackets, Wakeboards, Wakeskates, Wakesurfs, ropes, absolutely everything. I am able to take most of my seats out so I make sure I don’t miss anything.

  3. If your boat is really dirty I would use a heavy duty vacuum first to loosen everything up. Just a quick run through first.

  4. From there I get a hose and soak the whole thing down, or a pressure washer works really good. Usually throughout the summer it is usually over 90 degree fahrenheit so I know my boat will dry quick. If it is going to rain or maybe cold, put your boat in a covered warmer area so when you do soak it down it can dry.

  5. You don’t want to fill your boat up like a tub but enough so there is a dampness to your boat. From there anywhere there is a spill or stain take a grissle brush, but nothing that will wreck your carpet like steel rods or scrapers.

  6. From there use a cleaner which I will explain what will be best for your boat. Use a bucket and cloth or even a scrub brush.

  7. After you have cleaned everything to the best of your ability then spray the carpet down again a pressure washer works the best. Let it dry out and go over it with a vacuum one more time to dry any excess water up.

  8. After everything is dry and looking new, you can use a bristle brush and go against the grain to make it look brand new!

Heavy Duty Stains

So maybe you are a little clumsy when you change your oil, or spilled something heavy in the boat like grease or any other ugly substance that could have landed on your carpet. Sometimes there are no rhyme or reason why there is stain where it is and sometimes you don’t even know what it is, even small or big. I have a few recommendations for different stain removing products. If there is a big stain and you have tried a couple different stain removers try cleaning a small area of it first before you go to town on it, just in case. You never know and you don’t want it to get any worse than it already is or even worse it reacts poorly with your carpet and makes it discolor and then you are really in some hot water (not the good kind like a hot tub).

If you have a dark, deep, greasy stain I would recommend: Tuff Stuff Multi-purpose Foam Cleaner. This product is amazing. From nail polish to dogs to grease this product actually lifts the grime out of your carpet and does not discolor it in any fashion. It comes in a 22 oz spray can and I leave one on my boat actually because I am that kind of guy know cannot take a mess or stain on my boat or even car for that matter.

Not only does it work on carpet but cloth, vinyl and upholstery. Every vinyl is different and because normally with boats you should be in the sun a lot so just make sure your vinyl will work with the cleaner but definitely carpets.

Read as directed from the can but just spray on and watch the filth lift right on up. For smaller specific areas apply it to a terry cloth and then dab gently.

Another great product I would recommend is Very Dirty Carpets Spot and Stain Remover. Just as but works even better with pets. I have a Border Collie and he sheds like no other especially in the heat and when he is wet and with whatever dirt he manages to bring on the boat, this product is great for getting those stains out.

What products to use

I will of course rate our top stain removers but most products it may not be as simple as spray and wipe off.  Sometimes you are going to need something a little more heavy duty.  A gristle brush, tooth brush or even something with a little more power!

The Drill Brush Power Brush is a great tool to have in your arsenal.  This product does not come with a drill, so if you have one great if not check out a few other power tools that will work great with this product.  For bigger spaces  and tough grime and dirt that need a full cleaning, check this one out!  Just put it on your drill and watch magic happen.

McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner is another great option especially if you have tried everything and your are looking for something that will get to that stain or mess with no hard chemicals and uses a heat steam to sparkle that boat up.

Not only is it great for boats but also any carpeted area.  If you have kids, friends, dogs and spouses especially this will become your friend.  Great price for what quality of work that it will do to your carpets.  It is small enough to maneuver where ever you may be ​and the 48 oz tank heats up in 8 minutes so by the time it is in your boat, you put on your music you will be ready to go.  It lasts up to 45 minutes and has 18 versatile accessories.  If you are tired of cleaning for countless hours with different products or paying someone way to much this is the product for you.  It will leave your carpet looking spotless for years to come, until the next mess but by then you can use the again and it will have already paid for itself.

Mokoqi Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner is another great leave in the boat tool for your everyday messes.  Its great after a day on the water for a quick clean.  Having an AC adapter and cord that runs 14 feet you can hit your entire boat in one or two quick loops.  Wet, dry  and garbage, nothing will stand in your way with this "dust buster".  

It has lithium technology to keep the filter clean and suction constant.  It a great price for something that you can so easily store in your boat or car and use it when you need it to keep your boating look as good as the day you bought it.

Spray Nine Marine Cleaner

Spray nine is our number 1 choice for cleaning above and below the deck! Instead of waiting around for minutes on end, in under 1 minute you will have the stain lifted out and the carpets looking brand new!

​Not only does this product clean, it disinfects as well to work where you you have a mess. It will even control mold and mildew on vinyl. It really is your everyday cleaner and especially on a boat when you know anything can happen this is a great product to have. You can literally use it on anything. From top to bottom of the boat. Vinyl, life jackets, hull of the boat, coolers, inflatables and the list can go on and on but you get my drift.

​It comes in a 32 oz spray bottle and then in a pack of 12 so you will save money for years. Remember its good for the camper, around the house and anything that is dirty. You can also get the product in a 1 gallon container as shown to the right and a 1 gallon container in a pack of ​12.

Star Brite Stain Buster Rug Cleaner

If you fish, have kids, messy friends and anything in between you need the Star Brite Stain Buster Rug Cleaner.  It is great for dissolving oily stains, grease, fish blood and dirt!  The best part of this product is that not only does it rid the gross stains and gunk that just won't get out of the carpet it also eliminates foul odor and other smells that stick with your boat, trailer or home.

It comes in a 22 oz spray bottle so it is easy for cleaning and transporting.  You can leave one on your boat, trailer or somewhere in your home.  It is a smaller container that will last a long time.  Just spray and away you go!  This product has PTEF polymers bond to treated carpet and repels stains along with damaging UV rays.

This product is great for small and large areas so from big to small boats.   You won't have to worry about your kids, pets or friends making a mess of your boat again.  There is a solution and this is it! 

Star Brite Mildew Stain Remover

Star Brite Mildew Stain Remover is great among marine vessels and other areas including fiberglass, painted surfaces, rubber, plastic, vinyl and upholstery.  Read the label carefully for specific carpets though but any area of your boat will be spotless!  It will not harm your vinyl or upholstery so need not to worry.

After you spray the Star Brite ​Stain Remover onto the mildew covered product you can use a terry cloth or soft bristly scrubber and wait to see it dissolve.  You will have no problem cleaning your boat as it is specially formulated for marine products.  Bleach is a component of this product so again just be cautious with carpet and is more suited for the other materials listed above.

This really does clean the mildew off or you vinyl and it will originally turn the material and orange color but need not worry, this product really does work.  Take a few breathes, your vinyl will not be ruined, 3 minutes later, the mold and mildew will melt right off!

Best Wakeskate

Best Wakeskate Board

You can never have too many toys in your boat and having the best wakeskate in that lineup is no exception. Wakeskates are very similar to wakeboard minus the bindings. That being said if you are unfamiliar with wakeboards I will start from square one. When looking at a wakeskate it is a mix of a wakeboard and a skateboard. They took the best of both worlds when combining this product.

Best wakeskating board

The shape of the wakeskate is more similar to a wakeboard and has different rockers (shape of the board) being continuous, 3 stage and a hybrid. I will explain in more detail later. The shape of the board determines the pop, landing and how it moves on the water.

Next off you can get different versions of fins in different sizes. That will give the board more control so when you are cutting in the water or trying to get more speed into the wake to get more air.

The surface of the board depends on whether you get grip tape or you are riding on grooved foam. Usually it depends on what is most comfortable for you and if you are wearing wakeskate shoes or are going barefoot.

These are just a few of the topics I will be going over for finding the best wakeskate that is best suited for your needs and click here for more tips.

Footwear and Grip Tape vs Foam

Let’s start off at the beginning because this may influence what type of board you are going to buy. The reason I am starting with this is most people, usually regardless of whether they have grip tape or foam top for their board will influence whether they need shoes or want to go barefoot.

With grip tape I highly recommend you wearing shoes. Not only do you want to wear shoes because of the grip tape but it also gives you added protection. Boards are made of a composite material or wood most of the time so when trying tricks such as spins or kick flip variations, having to land on an edge of the board or even catching your toe when doing a variable can hurt quite a bit.

Having wakeskate shoes are ideal in this situation because they are reasonably inexpensive and they will last longer than having your regular shoes consistently being soaked in water. Your regular shoes will shrink and most likely stink after a short duration of use in the water. Wakeskate shoes are waterproof and durable. Trust me, you will notice the difference.

This bring us back to a foam wakeskate top. Foam is great because you do not need shoes and it is softer on your skin if the board does connect with you. Regardless it is a personal preference. A lot of people I know go with grip tape because it is more like skateboarding and you have a better feel for the board and movement. Once you get used to one way or see someone else do it you usually end up doing it that way and that is your go to.

Keep an open mind and try it either way, only you can actually decide which you like better.

Size of the Wakeskate

With the size of the wakeskate it is similar to wakeboarding but that being said, a skateboard is similarly the same size regardless of how big the person is. The board ranges usually from around 39” to 46”. The smaller the board the more maneuverability you may have but it also takes time once you get moving.

Shape of the board

This is the same information as the Wakeboard section so if you have read this already you can go on to the next section

Rocker definition - A rocker refers to the shape difference between the tip and the tail of the wakeskate. The easiest way to tell the difference is by laying the board flat on a surface and look at it from the side. Also referred to the amount of bend in the board. This matters because it will make the difference on how your board performs in the water.

A continuous rocker is when the board is shaped continually cured from tail to tip. You can go quite fast and when you hit the wake it will propel you farther out into the flats. It is easier to go from regular riding position (Right foot back) to goofy (your left foot back) or switch being the opposite of your dominate leg bag. Just because you may be goofy with your left foot back doesn't mean a thing. It is just how they say it.

A 3 stage rocker is mostly how it sounds, there are 3 flat surfaces combined as one with the tip and tail angling up. The board rides higher on the water and is faster. There is a better response so if you are doing fast tricks and getting quite good this may be a better option than the continuous board. You definitely get more height with these boards due to the shape of the board and get more time in the air.

There are also design of Hybrid Rockers meaning they are a mix of the two boards together to combine the added features. Every hybrid has a very distinct feel on the water so it is tough to generalize how each will feel in the water without trying them out. If you are an advanced rider this may work for you but I highly recommend starting with a continuous board to start.

Material - Wood versus Composite

Most boards are made of wood just like skateboards. That is what gives the boards a more authentic feel. When you think about a skateboard they get put through the ringer by grinding on rails, hitting the concrete and regular wear and tear. This leaves the boards lifespan somewhat short depending on how much you use it. The good news is, most wakeskates are still being used on rails but the water provides a softer surface for the board to land, even if you crash.

The downside is that the board is more susceptible to the water because as you may know wood and water tend to mix gradually over a long time. If you are in the water a lot just make sure you take good care of the board and don’t let it stay wet day after day. Keep it in a dry cool place when you are not using it. Personally I have had my board for 3 years and I use it at least 3 times a week during a 6 month span in the summer and it still has pop from the day I bought it.

A composite board are a little lighter and more durable but also a little more expensive. Personally I have tried both and until you start getting into 360’s, kickflips and other more technical tricks either board will work great. It is just a matter of getting up and getting going.

The composite wakeskates have more of a feel to wakeboarding as well because they are crafted from the same material and if you come from wakeboarding it may be an easier transition to learn and if you come from skateboarding, a wood wakeskate may be a better option.


Just like with wakeboards, wakeskates have a variety of different sizes of fins. Fins give you more control and maneuverability in the water. The longer the fins the more control you have, however, with more control you are also more susceptible to catching an edge and falling on your face.

With smaller fins you have a little less control but are able to do more spins off the water and it is more forgiving. What I mean by that is that if you are doing spins on the wake, you can come into the wake doing more spins without really having to focus on transferring your weight distribution and less likely to fall on your face again.

When starting out I would use longer fins so you have more control getting up and it is easier to get a feel for the board.

Our Top 5 picks!

The best part of my job is that I get to try all of these boards and see which is best suitable for everyone's needs.  In no way am I a pro but with being on a boat all of my life I have improved my skills.  We take these boards out with our friends and family, some who have never even heard of this before and some who love it as much as I do.  I will talk about the pros and cons to each board so hopefully you can find the right board for you.

Hyperlite Stylus Wakeskate

This is a great starter board that can transition into a comfortable intermediate board no problem. It is a cheaper wood core deck so it is perfect for the person who skateboards lots and wants to try wakeskating. If you are an avid wakeboarder it will take a few times to get a feel for it but then you will be wakeskating like a pro.

The board is a 9 ply wood construction and is a continuous rocker shape, so it is great for beginners to learn how to control and get a feel for the board. The continuous rocker is similar to a skateboard, or almost a hybrid one may say.

It is 41” board so it is great for kids and adults. The top of the board is made of EVA traction pad with a cut die logo in the middle. So if you don’t have shoes no problem because it won’t hurt your feet and you will feel comfortable on the board. If you have shoes, it never hurts your chances for more stability. There is a beveled edge for control and makes it easier to start learning tricks. It has smaller fins of 1.3” size but enough so that you have control and even more so that you can start progressing your tricks.

Liquid Force Obscura Wakeskate

This next board is a 44” wood board with a foam top. If you and your friends are a little bigger (not fat), I mean that they are taller than 5’10” and weigh over 180 pounds this would be the wakeskate for you. Because it is a little longer it is going to have more pop especially if you are bigger than the average boys and girls. The extra size will get you up in a pinch and cruising the wake with ease.

The wood material makes it more home to those of you who are skateboarders first and not to say if you did not skateboard this wouldn’t feel comfortable. The design on the board is a 3 stage rocker so it is more flat in the middle and curved at the ends to give it more pop. This will enable you to get more air and do bigger tricks. It may be a little more difficult to start but once you get the hang of it, you will progress way faster. You just have to get through the first couple of times learning the board and getting used to the feel of it.

The top material is made of foam but looks identical to grip tape. So you can use this with or without shoes depending on your situation. Wakeskate shoes are always more preferable in my mind but you need to take what you can get!

House Wakeskate (not drilled)

If you are looking for a board that you can do your own specialized touches to look no more. This board comes as is. 45”, 7 ply wood and a continuous rocker. This board is meant to be modified so don’t buy this board and expect to use it the first time out. You could essentially but there is no grip tape, no fins and no holes for the fins to go attach on.

The board is one of the bigger boards so if you are a little bigger yourself (again I mean taller) and like projects, this is the board for you. I wouldn’t recommend this board to first timers although it is quite fun to design a board all on your own even if you are not handy. This is very easy to do. Drill some holes, buy some fins and some tape and away you go. If you are an artist or even if you aren’t, you can paint the bottom of the board to your liking, or your kids or whoever and personalize this board for you. Make sure you use a sealer after you paint or at least a waterproof paint so it won’t wash off the first time you use it.

You can use grip tape or a foam tape or whatever you would like. This board is yours and the possibilities are endless!

Ronix Boomstick Bi-level Wakeskate

Alright, so you have had some practice, you are starting to outgrow your board, this is the next step to take your wakeskating to the next level. The wood board comes in sizes 40”, 42”, and 44” so no problem for any height or size, just make sure you get a board that is best suited for whoever will be riding it the most.

The bi-level wood shape is a little heavier coming in at 14 pounds but don’t worry. It is a 3 stage rocker with pop that will blow your mind. When you add weight you are not sacrificing height when jumping the wake. There is a sintered base and compression molding for stability and control.

This board comes with grip tape so you better have some wakeskate shoes! I mean you could go barefoot but I DO NOT recommend that. Get any pair of shoes if you spent your money on the board which is worth every penny.

The .8” fins make carving in the water smooth and easy but does not sacrifice if you are doing variables and spins. This is a great board and one of my favorites!

Connelly Wakesurf Board

This is a WAKESURF board not a wakeskate. I need to make that clear right off the bat. I know you are on a wakeskate page but the purpose of me putting this one on is because I want to make it clear what everything is. The difference between a wakeskate and wakesurf is the design of the board. You know what a wakeskate is but a wakesurf is more like a surfboard but a lot smaller and you get towed behind the boat but much closer. Make sure if you are surfing behind your boat that the engine is underneath the boat and you do not have outboard or inboard outboard motor so it is safe.

With wakesurfing, you start with a rope about 10-15 feet behind the boat and usually will have a second mini handle up the rope for tricks. Once you are up, starting like a wakeboard or wakeskate you get in the wake of the boat. This wake can get up for 3-5 feet on certain boats now a days and then you can throw the rope in and surf behind your boat. A little different than regular surfing because the boat wake actually pulls up forward. In real surfing you need to work hard to get in the wave. Very different but just as much fun.

This wakesurf board has foam grip and comes in lots of shapes and sizes depending on tricks, surfing and material. The Connelly wakesurf board is amazing. 3 fins for optimal control and small enough for doing 360’s in the wake. Start doing them with the rope and then progress to without. This one may take some time. You can ride regular or goofy or switch and have fun doing it all.  The board itself is 62" which is great for beginners and experts a like.  It even comes with a rope.

Best Wakeskate Shoes

Best Wakeskate Shoes

Best wakeskate shoe

This may be a new concept to a lot of people and I need to be clear that it is NOT wakeboarding and it is NOT wakesurfing. It is Wakeskating. When you are wakeskating you will want the best wakeskate shoes. The reason for this is that if you think about all the other watersports behind the boat just as waterskiing or wakeboarding your bare feet are in bindings with a foam protection. If you are wakesurfing you a board with soft grip or no grip at all and some wax for support. Wakesurfing you are technically on a modified skateboard. There is no wheels or trucks (part that holds the wheels the board) and there is a varying degree of grip tape (reverse sandpaper for grip on the board) so you don not slide off the board.

Having grip tape give you more control and support when you are on the board. If you go with barefeet on the board it can be quite painful so that’s why shoes come in handy. The primarily it is for protection, wearing shoes because if you are doing any sort of trick you know the reality of the board or if you have fins on the board to catch your foot or even any other part of your body.

The shoes believe it or not are the easy part and finding the right board can be tricky to. I will talk primarily about shoes but also a quick rundown on different boards and what could be a good option for you.

What is a wakeskate shoe?

If you are not sure what a wakeskate shoe is, it is very simple. I will explain the difference between a running shoe such as a Nike cross trainer and am Adidas skate shoe.

Nike cross trainers are meant for running and walking. They have a specifically designed shoe with different insoles for pronating (foot rolls inwards with a flat arch), supinating (foot rolls outwards, creating a bigger arch), and flat footed (no rolling ankle, just a flat foot). This support makes exercise easier on the body including your ankles, knees, hips and back. The shoes are usually more narrow and aerodynamic for running. There is different treads on the bottom of the shoe as well. Some are meant for running on flat surfaces so you will find a smaller tread (grip for the ground) and others will have more of a pronounced tread for trail running. Bigger more rigid grooves for more tracking in dirt and even snow.  Just click on the shoe to see more of this product.

Adidas skate shoes are a little different. Some shoes will give you support for pronating and supinating etc, but the biggest difference is that the shoes have a flat bottom. Zero tread so when you are on a skateboard you are able to slide your foot up and down the board with no interferences. This is so you can perform better tricks more easily. Now as you transfer into a wakeskate shoe the main difference is that it is waterproof, like a water shoe but with a skateboard shoe in mind.  Click on the shoe to the right to see more regular skateboarding shoes.

Wakeskate Shoes Material

A wakeskate means you will be in water so in theory you will want shoes that are waterproof. That being said, yes of course you can use your regular skateboarding shoe but they are normally made of nylon, leather or some rubber spots and they are tough to dry. You can leave them out in the sun time after time to dry but you will only get some many uses out of them and in the sun, they will shrink and soon enough they won’t fit anymore.

With a proper wakeskate shoe they will be stitched and vulcanized with waterproof material. They will have a metal mesh covered by rubber for the sole and mesh along the sides for quick drying.

Best Wakeskate Shoes

Here are some of the best shoes we have tried out and review that will last and not break week after week of use.

Kkrows Wakeskate Shoe​

If you are looking for a great Wakeskate Shoe, look no further.  Specially designed for wakeskating with a flat bottom and waterproof you won't break the bank with these shoes but they will also last.  Easily adjustable with tie up laces that dry quickly, you can change shoes with your friend and away you go.  These shoes come in either 7-8, 9-10 or 11-12 just click on the sizes that are desired and it will link you to the right size.  The shoes fit very comfortably and are very close to the specified size.  Always size up if you need to and you can wear a small water sock or even regular sock if need be to fit exactly.  

Whether you have grip tape or foam tape these shoe will last a long time.  You won't damage your board or your shoes.  Unless you take a board in the shine in which case you can also purchase protective gear that you will get you through the nastiest off falls.  The shoe will definitely protect your feet and make it easier to wakeskate on the water.

Quicksilver Amphibian Wakeskate Shoe

With many sizes and colors you will not be disappointed with the Quicksilver Amphibian Wakeskate Shoe.  The best part of this shoe besides being waterproof is that it has a built in scent protection so even though you are in and out of the water, these shoes won't stink as bad as your other ones.  Normal shoes will smell after a week or two and the gym and even worse if you are wearing regular skate shoes in the water, they will most likely smell after 1 or 2 times dipping in the water and drying them in the sun.  These will take a while to stink up unless you leave them in a cold wet place that will build mold.

There is a synthetic sole and has a one piece breathable no sew mesh with cinch lock laces.  Easy to take on and off and even better for having fun in the water with.  As I mentioned with most skateboard shoes, there isn't much of a sole to protect from pronating or supinating but these shoes have an integrated arch support that will correct your contours which is amazing for a water shoe, non the less a regular skateboard shoe.  ​

 Another bonus about these shoes is that they actually act like a water shoe as well.  Not only can you wear these for wakeskating but if you are heading on vacation and need a water shoe you can use these no problem at all.  If you are in a pinch you can also wear them snorkeling!

Quicksilver Oceanside Wakeskate Shoe

Much like the Amphibian shoe by Quicksilver but the biggest difference is the tread on the shoe.  It is a little flatter with even less tread.  Again as mentioned before with less tread you have a little more control because there is less material to catch on the board when you are doing tricks.  Most tricks you will be sliding your foot in some direction of the board to give it spin or some kind movement for the trick and it will allow for more movement.  This is the shoe that is great for you.

​The dual density custom sole has the most comfort for a Wakeskate shoe.  It is breathable and with most wakeskate shoes you will find a no-sew upper mesh to maximum breath ability!  The shoes have a cinch lock lace that make it easy to do up and take off especially when you come off the board exhausted from a few pulls.  

Best Hull Cleaner

Best Hull Cleaner

Whether you leave your boat in the water year round, throughout the summer or even using the trailer and using your boat a few times a week you need the best hull cleaner! There is no way around it unfortunately. The grim of the ocean, sea and lake will get your boat and it sucks. I have spent countless hours before the season and after cleaning by boat trying to find the best hull cleaner and what to use with it.

Best beat hull cleaner

I believe I have found the right answers for the right boats. Remember most boats are fiberglass but if you have an aluminum boat or even a wood boat you will need different products so make sure that you have the right product for the right boat and I will tell you what will work best. Normally I get my friends to do it because they use the boat just as much as me and they don’t have to pay for the upkeep and maintenance of the boat but after you realize they do a horrible job, you will have to take over and do it twice to make sure it gets done properly. A little time and TLC, you boat will be looking brand new!

FYI - the hull is the bottom of the boat that the water touches… just in case you may be a new boat owner or have no idea what on earth I am talking about.

What to look for in boat hull cleaner?

There are many kinds of boat cleaners so it is tough to know which one will work the best. You need to make sure you know what kind of boat you are cleaning, fiberglass, gel coat, wood, etc..

Zing Hull Cleaner - You Must mix with water and is great for a quick clean to get the algae and gunk off your boat but I would recommend a wax protectant after words. Read the label because you want to make sure you don’t use a product after that negates this product.

Starbrite Buffered Acid - If your boat goes in the water a couple times a week but doesn’t permanently stay in the water this will be good for your boat. Keeps the gunk off your boat for the time that you are in the water.

Muratic Acid - You will want to have this on your boat if you live near the ocean or your boat is in the water constantly or moored permanently in the water. If your boat is covered in moss, barnacles, and algae this is a must for your boat.

On/Off by Maritime Products Company - Use gloves because this product can burn the skin and only use it on parts of the boat that are not painted because it will cause streaks. On/Off is corrosive but very beneficial and will not destroy the gel coat as it neutralizes in the water.

Wax - Not only do you need to clean your boat I highly recommend using a type of wax post cleaning to prevent the algae and other marine life from attaching to your boat so quickly. This is easier said than done especially with how many different brands and types there are on the market. Not only that, it depends on how many coats you put on the boat. Sometimes one can be enough and sometimes it may take 4.

After you clean your boat with a desired product, you are going to want to let the boat dry completely. Sometimes it may even say to leave it for a full 12 or 24 hours so plan ahead and look at the weather forecast to plan accordingly. If you have a boat storage unit then it does not matter as much. Also there may be a designed temperature so if you have taken your boat out late in the year and it is getting cold quick you might have run into some issues, not to say it won’t work but maybe not as good as it could.

To start - easy steps to follow

I would recommend (if you can, bring your boat out of the water on its trailer or if you can, use blocks to raise it up so you don’t have streaks where your trailer meets to the boat) as a starting point but I will give all scenarios to help everyone out.

  1. If you have a pressure washer even better but a hose will do the same with a good nozzle or even putting your finger over the edge to provide more pressure and hose the boat down really good. If there are barnacles on the boat you may have to scrap them off first.

1b. If you do not have access to get out of the water, use a little dingy and go around your boat just like you would on land. Or even use a life jacket and jump in. If you have access to scuba gear, another option. Everyone has different scenarios so choose accordingly.

  1. Next off is make sure you have the right hull cleaner and is mixed appropriately with water if that is the kind you have.

  2. Use a sponge or even rag/ towel that you can use specifically for your boat (don’t clean your boat and then wash it and use it for a regular towel again). From there use the cleaning solution on your boat in similar motion so it goes on evenly. Start at one spot where it is marked, like the motor and go around the boat so you know where you left off. You should know anyways because one area will be a lot cleaner than the other.

  3. Once the hull is clean, go back to spraying it down. If the boat has been in the water for a long time you may need to repeat that whole process.

  4. Once you have done either one or two coats you will want to take a clean rag and rub it down taking off any streaks or marks that you may have missed.

If you are using Muratic Acid your boat is a mess and do not use this product in the water or near a draining system. Do it over gravel so not to damage or wreck any surrounding areas.

After you have combined the Muratic acid with water spray it down and leave for no longer that 10 minutes. Wash the excess residue off or even use a soft scrubber for the harder materials that might not have come off. Then rinse the boat fully clean.

Wax on, Wax off

After your boat is shiny and looking brand new, you want to keep it that way. So if you haven’t noticed this whole process takes time but can also save you a lot. We used to get our boat cleaned and waxed and to be done properly it costs a lot of money. After a while we noticed that the people we normally hired, did not do the best job so we took on the task ourselves. Normally I give myself at least 8 hours of total time. I have a 23 foot Air Nautique and it still looks new from the day I bought it.

After cleaning the boat I like to wax it to give it a proper clean finish. Unfortunately this takes as much time as cleaning, sometimes longer. If you have a drill I would recommend buying a foam buff pad that can attach to the drill to make your life easier. Get a medium sized pad because if you go to big, you won’t have enough pressure to actually apply the pressure of the pad to properly get the wax coat on. If you don’t have a drill you will understand why after about 30 minutes of waxing your boat.

Once you have coated your boat, you will let it sit for a designated time frame that the wax label will tell and then you want to wax it off. Usually for this I use a terry cloth so I can make sure enough pressure is on to get rid of the excess material.

How do you know if you did a good job?

Well, it takes time and patience and you will get it after a couple times, I can assure you. I usually like to spray the boat with a hose and see if the water beads off the boat. If it does, you will know you did a good job and it will prevent slime and algae from growing on your boat quickly. If it doesn’t you may have to go over that area or areas again.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you have the right cleaning equipment for your boat and take all necessary precautions. Wear gloves and get your friends to help cause you know they will be using the boat to!

Our top 5 products!

Remember patience is a virtue and it will take time.  You cannot rush this so if you are in a hurry, wait a day.  If done properly your boat will be looking good as new. 

Star Brite Instant Hull Cleaner

Star Brite Instant Hull cleaner is our number product for best hull cleaner!  It is safe and easy to use and does NOT contain any harmful products so you can use this cleaner anywhere.   Great for Fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces so you don't have to cover up any spots with painters tape or really be careful.  You can just apply the cleaner to a terry cloth or soft sponge and away you go.  It really does work regardless of the thickness of the grim and stains of the water.

For this hull cleaner you really don't need much elbow grease which is great.  Depending on how long your boat has been in the water and how much scum is actually on it, you may need a little pressure but it really does work great.  This is what I use to start cleaning my boat at the end of the year.  After being in the water for 6 months, even though it is fresh water, it still gathers algae, some rust and marine growth.  I usually do 1 thorough coat and go back over a couple spots that need a little TLC. ​

Make sure you wear gloves just a precautionary and use a well vented area.  32 oz bottle will get a 24 foot boat no problem.  Any bigger you may want to order two bottles.

MaryKate on and off Hull Cleaner

Marykate On and Off Hull Cleaner is next up which also works extremely well but it is only for fiberglass boats and will NOT harm the gel coat.  The bottle comes in a 32 oz container but can also be purchased in 2 and 3 pack depending on the size of your boat.  Usually one bottle should be able to get a boat about 25 feet and smaller but you know you are going to be using it two to three times are year so you mid as well save by ordering more.

Not only is it great against the elements of the water including waterline stains and algae but also rust and gas lines from when you fill (normally someone else) your boat up at the marina or on land and it leaves a little gas line, well not anymore.  Marykate will rid the problem and leave you boat looking spotless.  ​

​What also works great about this product is that you can transfer it into a spray bottle and just spray in certain areas of your boat that may be hard to reach or just to make life easier as well.

Slimy Grimy Granular Tub

Slimy Grimy is another great product for cleaning the hull of your boat especially if you have a bigger boat because this comes in a 1 pound tub.  Not only is it great for your boat but also around the house, trailer, camper or anywhere that has algae, rust or grim on it.  

If you have a larger boat or larger space you can mix Slimy Grimy with a 1:1, 1:2, and 1:3 water mix.  It won't scratch fiberglass and it will look as if your boat was brand new.  There is nothing that Slimy Grimy cannot do.  If you are looking to clean your whole house up, you can use it on exteriors of homes, lift dirt and grime from wooden decks.  If the siding of your house is stucco, brick, aluminum need not to worry and even your roof with all kinds of shingles.  It really is your multipurpose cleaner that does not stop at your boat.

Spray Nine Marine Cleaner

Another great hull cleaner that is not only good for marine products but for also around the house and yard.  Spray Nine Marine Cleaner come in a 32 oz spray container, pack of 12, 1 gallon (128 ounces) and 1 gallon pack of 4.  You will never run out, except for the amount you will be saving!  You can spray on the hull of your boat rinse off but for real tough grime you may need a terry cloth or soft sponge and put a little strength into cleaning the hull.  

As I talk about the hull of the boat this is also good for mold and mildew on vinyl, carpets and hard surfaces.  Just be cautious in what kind of vinyl you have because sometimes it can do more harm than good.  On the boat I have at the moment, once a week I will use this product on my seats and padded areas that are made of vinyl.  Make sure you use an even amount of spray and clean thoroughly so there is no residue left.  If you miss spots, sometimes the sun will leave darker spots and make the vinyl look worse.  Just make sure you do a thorough job and no problems.​

Clean Boat Biodegradable Hull Cleaner 

Clean boat Biodegradable Hull Cleaner is the one for you if you boat is in the water or you care about the environment!  At 98% biodegradable you know you are doing the environment a favor by not polluting the earth anymore than it is.  It is an organic non-foaming product that is easy to put on and rinse off with a shine left over.  That is what 20 years of experience will do for you.

Like a few of the other products it is not only great for the boat but also stain and grease remover​, it is good for all boat surfaces.  I know how not only algae and grim can get on your boat but also, drink spills and other liquids on your vinyl, mold in those hard to reach places and who knows what else, this is the product that will get rid of them and not damage anything else.  

It is so easy to use; Dilute the product to a 1:2 1:3 or even half and half depending on the mess you have.  Spray the surface and let it sit for 5-10 seconds and then rinse with clean fresh water.   Yes it is that easy.​  Not only is it easy to use but it also has a waterproof coating and anti UV protector because lets hope you are in the sun on your boat!


You can never have to many different cleaning products and the best part is that they are cheap for the most part and every boat and individual will make their claim on the best product.  Here are my recommendations and I know one of them will work for you!​

Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Now that you have a boat, whether it is brand spanking new or a few years older or it needs a little or a lot of work, it’s time to add some tunes to really enjoy the water. Speakers can range quite a bit in terms of price because of quality and durability. Price range you are looking around a hundred dollars to get you started into a decent pair but from past experience don’t skimp out on this. I have gone through numerous amounts of speakers from blowing the actual speakers, not getting the right amp and once again blowing more speakers so they start to crackle and sounds terrible. Kicker Marine Tower Speakers are always popular but I will go through lots of different options to choose from to hopefully get you the best choice for you boat for the Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers.

Best wakeboard tower speakers


There are lots of different option with speakers because you need to think about the environment that you will be in. Fresh water, salt water, if you live in the northern areas and like to get out with drysuits or thick 7mm wetsuits you will want something that can withstand the cold. You will want to look into the casing of the speaker whether they are aluminum or any other kind of material, just think about your environment first.


Compatibility is also another consideration because the speakers will have to sync up with your tower and sound system. I will talk about the basics for making sure they are compatible but you may have to do some other research to make sure the boat is capable of syncing the amp with the speakers and to make sure you have enough power on the boat.

Common Sense

***If you are listening to music while your boat is not running, that is fine but make sure you DO NOT kill your battery by listening to music all day and then try to start your boat and it does not start because the music drained your battery*** Periodically, I like to start the boat up every 45-60 minutes for a 5 minutes to charge the battery so I know I can get home at the end of the night and not have to get towed in… Seems like a simple concept but when you are out having fun this can happen!!! Trust me!!

First thing is first!

What do you want to accomplish from these speakers? Always think about this question for any marine accessory. How are you going to use these speakers. Think about how you like to boat? If you are the person who drives into the middle of the lake, tans, jumps in the water occasionally and goes back into shore then you do not need top of the line speakers. You need something with a decent amp and decent speakers. You will not be blaring the speakers and having to talk over people. Start simple.

If you are a wakeboarder or wakesurfer and want to actually hear the music when you are surfing or wakeboarding you are going to need to spend a few more bucks. You are going to want something with some kick that will get that music to you. Also if you are in the water a lot and want to hear music, even though sound travels better on or near water I would recommend getting better speakers to.

If you mostly wakesurf and don’t worry about music when your waterskiing, wakeboarding, or tubing then you will want a mid-grade speaker so you can hear it about 10-15 feet behind your boat but not 70-90 feet.

It is always easier to spend $50-100 more on speakers and get the right fit for you opposed to halfway through the season realizing the speakers you had purchased aren’t doing the trick and you need to upgrade anyways. If there are speakers that are reasonably cheap and you want good sound that will last, DO NOT buy 4 instead of 2 good ones because it does not do the trick. I promise.


If you are mounting your speakers on your tower, make sure they will actually fit and there is room. Sometimes there are different thicknesses to different towers in certain areas for stability. The last thing you want to do is order speakers and they do not fit. Most speaker systems will say whether it can fit a 2” or 2 ½” size bar so just look and if you are not sure about your tower, measure the bar. You may have to mount them in different areas along the tower, but make sure you do not mount them where it is possible for them to get hit by the rope when you are wakesurfing or wakeboarding. Some will even come with rubber inserts so you can put the inserts around the tower then wrap the cuff of the speaker around the tower and you won’t scratch your tower to.

What to look for in your Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Having speakers and electrical equipment is easy in a house, car or any enclosed area because you don’t have to worry about the elements of fun such as salt and fresh water, the sun and possibly other liquids like “pop”. If you are in need of speakers to receivers make sure they are of good quality.

Waterproof - Able to be fully submerged, though usually to a specific depth and when you are putting the speakers on your tower they won’t be submerged but think about when it rains, splashing around in the water and your normal waves. You never know and better be safe than sorry.

Anti-corrosion - This will resist rust and effects of salt water which can be very detrimental to speakers if not taken care of properly. This means the speakers or “sound system” will have coated circuit boards, plated connections and rust-resistant chassis.

UV resistant - Most of the time you will be in the sun and hopefully the UV will be out so you want to make sure the face plates, speaker cones and grilles are resistant to UV.

Materials - You will want to make sure they have plastic cones and rubber surrounds. Depending on your boat you may want them to be magnetically shielded. This is only if the speakers are mounted near a compass. Most wakeboarding boats you won’t have to deal with this but for bigger boats such as big cruisers, take a look at the manual or call the manufacturer.

What you may have missed besides the speakers

Receivers - Make sure it is a Marine Receiver first and foremost. Don’t skimp on a car or home unit. Also the face plate is weatherproof and there is a remote control that is watertight, if you go that route and want easy access, which I recommend because if you are on the back of the boat and want to chance the music or turn it down it is a great feature and usually comes included. ***Tie a water floater to it so it does not sink on you***

The biggest point I need to make in regards to marine anything with music is that it is actually MARINE QUALITY. From the speakers, amps, subwoofers, wires, cables, power inverter and anything else you may want on your boat. Make it Marine Quality or you will be sorry.

Our Top 5 picks for Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers 

We like to get out on the water and try out our products before we rate them.  We want to make sure you are getting the best product for what you need it for whether you are surfing, wakeboarding or hanging out and enjoying the fun in the sun!

Kicker 6.5” KM Series 150 Watt Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers

The Kicker 6.5” 41KM604W 4-ohm 2-way speakers will get you rocking and our number one pick! Have two Kicker Marine speakers will get you into quality sound without breaking the bank but can still get great quality with this item.

The casing is made of aircraft grade aluminum with a black powder coated finish to streamline your boat to perfection. It has 100% waterproof and marinized against salt and freshwater conditions so you will never have to worry.

The two way design per speaker offers 150 watts peak and 50 watts RMS. With 6.5” woofer design of polypropylene and ½” tweeter size the dome material is PEI (polyetherimide) it has great quality that will last.

The speakers are internally wired for a crisp look so there is no wires or terminals protruding out. They have universal mounting clips to fit 2”-2 ½” diameter so it should fit most towers and has plastic inserts to get a snug fit without scratching the boat.

Boss Audio MRWT40 Maine 4” 2 way 400 watt Speakers

Another great choice for speakers for your tower. So if you haven’t noticed yet almost all speakers come in sets of two unless otherwise specified and these Boss speakers is not exception coming in a pair. These weatherproof enclosed system has 4” 2-way design that offers great quality that when you crank it up, you still got more.

The high grade aluminum shell protects the speakers with an Ultra-Violet coating to protect it from the sun and will keep them looking brand new longer. Also being around the water will have that same seal to protect against corrosion, humidity and fresh or salty water.

When looking at the cone of the speaker it is comprised of polyurethane which is a polymer that is flexible, durable and give off great sound quality. Because it is so durable it will last for years so you do not have to waste your money and time redoing your speakers every couple years.

WIth these speakers when you are rocking on the boat and having fun, they have a 3 year Platinum Dealer Warranty that will give you peace of mind!

Boss Audio MRCT69 6” x 9” 4 Way Tower Speakers

Are you ready for some sound? These are your speakers! You buy them individually so you will have to order two or if you really want to blow everyone else out of the water you can get 4! They are 6” x 9” 2-way speakers. Make sure you have enough room on your tower for these because they are bigger than the regular 6” or 6 ½” round shape.

They are waterproof for optimal protection against UV, water, fresh and salt and whatever you can throw at it (not literally). The Polypropylene woofer cone and rubber surround make it durable and have it lasting for years.

The Boss speakers are 600 watts and a 300 watt RMS power handling for excellent quality. 65 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response and 89 dB sensitivity. This will give you clear sound from on the boat, surfing behind and wakeboarding and even skiing. 2 will get you there no problem with the quality and assurance but if you put 4 on, look out! You will be able to power music for the whole lake and part of the ocean.

They come in a stylish white, mat/gloss black and multi-colored illumination. You will be riding in style. It comes with wireless remote so you are in control no matter where you are. There is a 3 year warranty so you won’t have to worry!

Rockville 6.5” White Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Whether you are looking to upgrade your speaker system or want to start with some serious sound, look no further! The best starter (awesome setup) kit that you can get for a great price that will blow your nearby boaters away. You get 4 - 6.5” White Wakeboard Tower Speakers with totaling 1000 watts of sound. Not only do you get speakers but you get a whole kit to get you going so there is no need to shop for anything else to make sure they are compatible.

It comes with a marine 4 channel amplifier and high level input auto start turn on and full IC-controlled protection circuitry. Waterproofing is a must and you won’t have to worry with the 4 AWG guage waterproof marine/boat amplifier wire installation kit with 25’ translucent twisted high quality tinned flexible PVC RCA cable and 20’ 4 gauge high current power cable with 3’ black woven mesh to resist chemicals in the battery compartment.

The RCA interconnect cable and premium audiophile marine RCA interconnect cable with outstanding noise rejection, accuracy and frequency response. If you are not sure what all of this means, the bottom line is that this package comes with everything from start to finish to get your boat rocking. Easy set up and connection so you do not have to shop. One stop and you will be on your way in no time!

MCM custom Audio 6.5” Wakeboard Two Way Speakers

2 6.5” custom audio speakers with mounts. If you are not looking to spend a lot of money and you don’t need loud crashing music every minute while your on the water, these are the ones for you. With great sound, they will do the trick while you are relaxing on the boat but if your wakesurfing you will not be able to hear the tunes as well. These speakers are more for easy cruising and lounging in the boat.

100 watt speakers each 200 watt RMS and 4 ohm frequency response with UV protection and waterproof makes for an excellent starter speaker set. You will have to buy the attachments, cables and amps separately but make sure they are marine grade so they will last as long as your MCM wakeboard two way speakers.

These mat black speakers have a white 1 ½ inch mounting diameter great for most boats but make sure your tower has the right diameter for attachments. The mounts are white as stream-line effectiveness.